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The International Institute InterIMAEC is proud to present
Alliance piano an intensive learning program for pianists preparing them for a lifelong performance career.

The preparation for higher education entrance examinations, international competitions and solo performances.

This part of the program is delivered in three formats:

1. A one-time consultation. Preparation level diagnostics, strengths and weaknesses analysis and the development of an individual work chart for further advancement.

2. Intensive coaching program delivered several times per week with the minimal duration of 10 days and up to one trimester.

3. Regular courses once or twice per week during one semester and up to one school year.

Mastering the effective piano teaching.

Individual and group lessons in
1. The fundamentals of teaching.
2. The piano teaching methods.
3. Learning the common teaching repertory.
4. Teaching practice with student under supervision.

Pianists who  complete the full course or an intensive training program receive the Institute's certificate.

The students who have completed the intensive training and live in other cities may sign up for a continuous learning through a webcam. It provides an access to the teacher’s advice and support any time they need it. 

Please use the following address for you statements of requirement, audio and video recordings:

Chamber music lessons are available within the framework of another educational program of the Institute (more information).

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Professor´s introduction
Teacher education
Principal targets of my teaching
My role as professor of piano
Advanced and intermediate levels
Why does one need to play the piano?
Organisation of classes
Master classes. Intensive daily cours of study